Truffle Season 2013 | Buy 1 Get 1 Free

Fall is here and now is the perfect time to add daRosario Organic products to your menu, store shelves, and even kitchen counters. Whether you're a chef at a restaurant, a manager at a retail store or even home chef, we have something for you. Call us or visit our website at for a wide selection of prices and products.

For the food service industry:

Now that truffle season is here, consumer demand for fresh white truffles and real organic truffle products are increasingly high. Our USDA 100% Organic Truffle Butter is the perfect way to finish risotto, pasta, steak, potatoes, and many more. With just a teaspoon per serving, you can experience the full flavor of real white truffles in your favorite dishes. For an equally flavorful alternative, try adding a dab of our butter inside your burger patty and letting it cook on the flat top to medium rare, the flavor is extraordinary.

Better yet, try our USDA 100% Organic white truffle acacia honey. It can be used to finish pork belly, grilled cheese, roast duck, roast turkey, roast duck, and of course hot sandwiches. I forgot to mention, it's amazing filler for pork dumplings too!

We offer a new size on bulk pack USDA 100% Organic Truffle seasonings. If your dish has enough lipids and you want to add that real truffle flavor, this is the way to go. We also have organic truffle mayonnaise which goes great on sandwiches, burgers, as dip for fries, asparagus, and celery. For the vegans, we have our super popular organic truffle Vegannaise. We put it in veggie burgers, tofu salads, etc. Most importantly, it's 100% all VEGAN.

For new customers:

Buy 1 Get 1 FREE

5lb unit - $137.00 ea USDA Organic White Truffle Acacia Honey

5lb unit - $150.00 ea USDA Organic White Truffle Mayonnaise

5lb unit - $120.00 ea USDA Organic Black Truffle Mayonnaise

2lb unit - $ 49.35 ea USDA Organic White Truffle Butter

5lb unit - $147.00 ea USDA Organic White Truffle Vegannaise

5lb unit - $115.00 ea USDA Organic Black Truffle Vegannaise

For retailers:

Our business here is growing greatly. In NYC, we work with Naked Earth, Rainforest and even Whole Foods. If you'd like to join our expanding network, feel free to contact us via email or phone. We'd love to have you come on board.

For a limited time, we have a few great deals offered once a year. Upgrade your shelves and inventory with real organic truffle products that are 100% USDA Organic. Below is a small selection of the deals we have now:

Buy 1 case USDA Organic White Truffle Butter and Get 1 FREE case Black Truffle Butter

Buy 1 case USDA Organic White Truffle Mayonnaise and Get 1 FREE case Black Truffle Mayo

Buy 1 case USDA Organic White Truffle Vegannaise and Get 1 FREE case

We have more offers for our honey, oils, and seasonings. Please inquire with us to find out more. Act now or you'll lose out!

For online shoppers:

We're offering a 30% off entire order

To place an order or for more information, send an email directly to

Don't forget the holidays are right around the corner. Please remember to use only real truffles, your guests deserve it. At daRosario Organics, we are the only source for top quality and never before seen truffles for food service, retailers, and consumers.

daRosario Organics: Real truffles, real taste.