daRosario Organic Truffle Products Fuels Expansion in 2013

Searching for Independent Food Service Broker

BROOKLYN, N.Y. – June 19, 2013 – Da Rosario, the country’s only line of USDA 100% organic truffle products, today announced several major initiatives designed to expand the company’s capabilities, product offering and availability.

In response to rising demand for its products, da Rosario Organics has opened its own production facility at the Organic Food Incubator in Long Island City, NY. The new facility produces all of the brand’s USDA 100% organic truffle products and bottles its small family farm USDA organic extra virgin olive oils. The company is also introducing new and updated truffle products, including new sizes and lower prices on its USDA organic fresh truffle mayonnaise. da Rosario is the only certified USDA Organic Truffle company in the world. All of their items are USDA 100% Organic and for tri –state accounts we are LOCAL and will have the “Made in NYC” logo on the label also as we redesign our labels shortly.

“Since we invented the process of making real truffle products that were certifed USDA 100% organic, our business has grown 500% since 2009,” says Rosario Safina, founder of da Rosario Organics. “Now that we have the increased production capacity, in 2013 we’ll expand our presence in markets to Florida, Midwest and West Coast.”

Restaurants, hotels and caterers want to use real truffle products they just have to know who we are and try our products. The market is quite large with many upscale and mid price restaurants using over 75 million dollars a year of truffle products and 99% of them are just artificially flavored. And as the market expands into more mid priced eateries like burger restaurants, pizza restaurants and into healthy/natural food restaurant we are in the perfect place right now.

We are looking for independent brokers that already rep lines that go into the above mentioned markets. We pay very high commissions – 15-25% depending on the product and the territory is wide open. We want to add brokers on the West Coast, FL, Midwest, FL, Mid Atlantic. We have good coverage in the NY tristate area and New England, but we can always turn these accounts over to someone that can bring more sales to the table.

What type of lines would this person have that would make them successful and compatible with our line? Natural/organic/high quality center of the plate proteins; high end grocery items, charcuterie, organic fruits and vegetables.

If you would like to learn more please email me at – Rosario@darosario.com- or call – 212-226-8572