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Rosario Safina

For over 29 years, chefs at the finest restaurants have relied on one person to bring them the highest quality truffles, and truffle products:

"Rosario Safina".

During his time as President of the largest truffle company in history, Rosario became the driving force behind the popularization of

truffles,and its transformation from elite luxury to everyday staple for millions of food lovers across the country. His depth of knowledge on the

subject, along with the publication of his book "Truffles" in 2002, made him a noted authority and frequent guest expert for the likes of

Martha Stewart Living, the New York Times, Vogue and CNN.

Rosario has a history of landmark product introductions and innovations in the United States:

1984    First importer of Fresh Truffles on a weekly basis

1985    Introduced Truffle Oil

1991    Introduced Truffle Butter & retail line of Truffle Oil and Porcini

1994    First importer of South African Porcini

1998    One of the first importers of Iranian Caviar

2002    Author of the first U.S.-published book on Truffles

2008    The first USDA 100% Organic Truffle Line

Now he’s brought the purity of organic ingredients to his undying passion for fine foods, with the launch of the first-ever organic truffle line.

da Rosario 100% USDA Organic Products