da Rosario 100% Organic Truffle Butter - 2oz ea. Set of 2 Jars

da Rosario 100% Organic Truffle Butter - 2oz ea. Set of 2 Jars

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Our 100% Organic Truffle Butters are from only 3 organic ingredients : Organic Valley brand butter, real organic Italian white truffle pieces or black truffle pieces and real organic white or black truffle evoo concentrated flavoring. When you look at the other so called " Truffle butters on the market you don't get truffles. Let's be very clear about this. In the most popular selling brands you see "mushrooms" as the second ingredient, soy sauce the third ingredient, alimentary protein extract ( animal bones?) the 4th ingredients and so on. No real truffles at all in them. Chefs across the country choose our butter because we have only top quality ingredients which equal "real truffles, real taste" Use our white truffle butter to finish risotto, pasta and potatoes. A great way to make easy dishes (macaroni & cheese, grilled cheese sandwiches) into something special! And our black truffle butter to finish seafood like scallops, sea bass and lobster.

“Keep Refrigerated”

Keep in cool dry place. Do not put in refrigerator

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